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Results Summary - The Bottom Line

A simple, straight out set of figures showing profit and loss for our tips.

Unlike most punting websites, every result is there is be reviewed.  If the results are good we say so, if they are rubbish we say so, if they are fantastic we gloat about it for a few years at least.

The reason why you just about never see figures like this in the newspapers is because very few racing tipsters can show a profit over a full year. And there is a good reason for that - its actually really, really, REALLY hard.

So can we show a profit ?? Wait and see...

We do have to admit we do have an advantage because we get to do our tips a day later than the newspapers, and we work on a sub set of all races. Even so, we are going to be rather chuffed if we can get black figures for any of the bet types in the table below.

So, unlike most punting websites we are upfront about our results. Every result is there to be reviewed, all consistently based on a standard $1 Victorian TAB dividend.

We also do all our own tips. We don't get ghost writers to do the selections cause we are too busy socialising at a 21st and we don't give out different tips in different areas of the media. Such a strange and weird way to run a racing website.


Bottom Line

The latest figures showing simply and plainly how we are performing with our selections.

A simple table showing figures for all tips based on $1 Win/Place and exotic dividends from the Victorian TAB.

Every result is there for over ten years worth of Spring Campaigns.

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Betting Portfolio

A weekly investment strategy based around the best bets of the day, spending $50 to $100 a week.

The aim is to show that betting on the horses can be as wise an investment as investing on the share market. Or at the very least a lot more fun...

Check out the sensational Spring 2010 campaign where we put $50 in at the start of the season, stayed in the black for the whole year and ended up over $500 ahead at the end of spring for a 53% profit on turnover.

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