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Horses To Follow - The Knowledge

Lists of all sorts of useful punting information.

Whoever thought making a list could be so much fun and so profitable ?

The lists include our Horses To Follow in our Black Book and a full history of the Black Book runners over the years.

There is also a list of racing patterns for all major Spring Carnival meetings in our Track Archive, and a list of short priced nags that you really don't want to go having your last $5 on in the Shame File.

Remember that most major racing sites offer Black Book services these days - so use them and get notified when a horse you are following is running. With so much racing you really need these sort of services to keep track of when horses are running.

There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling of your stomach hitting your wallet at maximum velocity when you check the results and spot a 20-1 winner that you had been waiting to run and not realised was entered.


Black Book

Horses To Follow from the videos of all city meetings.

We normally follow horses for one more run, unless they run in an unsuitable race or under unsuitable conditions, in which case they are followed until they strike a suitable race. See the comments on each horse for more details.

Every horse listed in the black book also has a link to their Racing Victoria form and to the TVN race replay video of their race so you can view for yourselves why they were added to the black book.

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Black Book History

The complete archive of the black bookers so you can see how they have gone.

There is a complete history of black bookers for more than ten years worth of Spring Campaigns.

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Track Archive

Track conditions, rail information and racing pattern for previous city meetings so you can take a guess at this weeks bias !!.

This is unique information not available anywhere else on the web and covers more than 10 years worth of spring racing carnivals so you can check how tracks have raced in previous years for all the feature meetings.

A seriously useful list when you are doing the form every Friday night.

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The Shame File

We list non winning, over hyped, money munchers that keep starting under the odds.

You all know the ones we are talking about. The ones that your shake your head at when they open up tote favourite - again - at even money.

There is easy money to be made - just bet in the races they are running in - and back something else ....

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