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Spring...Is Coming

We apologise in advance if you are not a Game of Thrones fan, as this week's newsletter won’t make any sense whatsoever.

With TV series Game of Thrones picking up a record 12 Emmy awards this week, it is time to pay attention to another largely unknown record that this show also holds.

The most number of racehorses named after characters in a TV show.

With its epic story lines set in fantasy lands with their own languages and vast history, and complicated plots involving whole houses of characters, Game of Thrones is a valuable resource for those looking to name a racehorse.

Forget Bob and Nelly - think names that are regal, exotic and historic.

We have noticed over the past year that barely a race meeting goes by where we don't hear a character name randomly pop up in a race call somewhere around the country.

Check out all the links below if you don't believe us!


Game of Thrones is set in Westeros (10 starts, 1 win, racing at Kalgoorlie this Sunday), and features the battle between several family houses, like Lannister (he is a bit of a non winner) and Targaryen, featuring Daenerys Targaryen, who is also known as the Mother of Dragons (who is struggling to win a maiden, or reclaim the Iron Throne).

Hang on, how can Iron Throne not be taken already? Whole generations are fighting for the right to sit on it, and no-one wants to use it to name their racehorse?

If you are up for a good battle, you probably want to call in a Dothraki Warrior like Khal Drogo. The Dothraki have no word for Thank You, but they have earned close to $600,000 now, and you don't need to be polite when you have a good race horse.

Over on the other side of the Wall you will come across the likes of Ygritte and Mance Rayder, but maybe look for them more in winter time on wet tracks.

Lord Tyrion always has plenty of support , but can start a bit short, and Lady Sansa has only had the two starts and two husbands so far, but is looking promising. We are also hoping there is no word in Dothraki for corny gags either?

The best horse shoes are made from ancient Valyrian Steel, which not only slice through White Walkers (again, not taken?), but cut through the track cleanly when thundering down the straight.

Even if you are not familiar with the TV series, it is easy to spot the Game of Thrones named horses. Look out for the losing mounts that are greeted back to the mounting yard by robed religious fanatic ringing a bell and crying out "Shame", Ding, "Shame".

We feel sorry for race callers having to deal with these foreign and made up names. It was obvious from Greg Miles call at Ballarat last week of "Stannis Barra Theon", (Stannis Baratheon), that he is spending far too long memorizing the jockey's colours and not watching anywhere near enough DVD box sets. Get with the program Greg! Seasons 1 to 5. At least learn the sigils of each house.

Though it is always amusing to hear a race caller in an authentic Braavos accent call out Valar Morghulis in the run. All Men Must Die, or in this case, All Men Must Punt.

Giving your horse a Game of Thrones character name does seems to be a sure way of ensuring your horse is a bit of a dud though, as most of these haven't done enough to keep themselves out of the dungeons. It is apt that the horse proud Dothraki do indeed produce the best performed racehorse names.

OK, enough of that. These are all the names and references that we have found so far, but we suspect there are plenty of others out there, and there are still plenty of outstanding names that could be used.

Do you know of other Game of Thrones inspired racehorse names?

Post their name and race record link on our Facebook discussion on this, or email or tweet us.

Last Week's Results

Early Birds Get The Early Quad (worms optional)

The tips have been going along nicely this spring. Last Saturday at Caulfield we managed to find just the one winner on top, but a total of five winners in the selections from nine races.

Which included the $3,101 Early Quad in the top two selections.

Race 2: 4-GOOD VALUE 1st W=5.20 - top pick
Race 3: 6-SO DOES HE 1st W=$5.90
Race 4: 13-KAYJAY'S JOY 1st W=$9.90, Quin = $50.50
Race 5: 3-DON'T DOUBT MAMMA 1st W=$3.70,Quin = $7.80
Race 6: 5-FELL SWOOP 1st W=$2.50

Early Quad: $3,101.50

We have heard from a few people who snared some wormy Early Quad winnings, so let us know if you also had a win.

Unfortunately we bombed out on the 2nd half of the program and couldn't snare a profit in the Betting Portfolio despite the Best Win bet of the day getting us off to a flying start. We are getting a collect most weeks, but struggling to find that additional dividend to push the Betting Portfolio into profit.

BEST WIN: Race 2: 4-GOOD VALUE 1st W=$5.20

2015 Spring Campaign: 6 weeks - 2 profits - 4 returns - 0 wipe out. Net: $-28.60

Keep an eye out on the Sportsbet Power Prices on a Saturday morning, especially on long shots who often get out to very juicy odds. We picked up $17 about the Race 4 winner 13-KAYJAY'S JOY, almost double the odds she eventually paid

You can play along with us this spring by opening a Sportsbet account and following the weekly tips. If you have had a win following our tips, you can do us a favour and support us by opening an account, and also get better odds for yourself. 

View last week's Naturalism Stakes 2015 results.

See how the tips and Betting Portfolio are going at the Bottom Line.

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Caulfield - Rupert Clarke Stakes - 26th Sept 2015


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