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Evaluating a Horse Racing Tipping Service

Spring Carnival moves into top gear this weekend.

For the next month it is non-stop feature race meetings, hours and hours of form guide analysis, and trips to the dry cleaner with the good suit after that kid with the ice cream walks into you at the races.

Again. Darn kid.

You will also have probably noticed that all of the tipping services have suddenly popped up this week, in newspapers and on your social media feeds, begging for your punting custom.

There are just so many of them these days! So how do you decide between them?

Here, is our totally independent and unbiased guide to picking a tipping service...

Is everything absolutely free?
If the tips were really that good they could probably use them themselves and not have to sell them. Or maybe they never thought of that? You should never pay for a set of tips. No matter what fancy label they put on them or how good they sound. Best of the Day, or the Best of the Month, or the Best This Side of Lunchtime. We can understand paying for form analysis that involves some effort and thought , but not just tips.
P.S. Turf Deli is totally free and even the form analysis is free.

Is there a full history of all tips so you can see exactly what you are getting?
We don't think we have ever seen a tipping service that actually allows you to see a full history of all their tips. Not just the winning ones. Not just the best ones. Not just some summary figure - ALL of the tips. As a discerning punter that is the very first thing we would look for. Imagine buying a product that you couldn't see what you were getting - until you bought it! Turf Deli has a full history of every single meeting covered for the last 15 years - for better or for worse. Don't believe us? Check out the website. See if you can find the day we made BLACK CAVIAR the Lay of the Day! That is even there. We have no shame. No shame at all.

Are all results recorded in a consistent manner decided before the race?
We score all of our results based on $1 Victorian TAB dividends, as most people still bet on the tote. It also provides a consistent benchmark where everyone can get on at the same odds. Sure you can get better odds elsewhere, but everyone is going to get different odds so we prefer to be consistent. Look closely - many tipping services will pick the tote with the largest dividend, or the bookmaker who offered the longest odds, or the odds from three days ago before half the field was scratched. Obviously you don't know where the best odds are until AFTER the event, but it is easy to do it in perfect punting hindsight if you want to overstate your results.

Is there critical analysis and reasons behind the selections?
We like to have an opinion. Sure we get it wrong sometimes, but so many tipsters just seem so ultra conservative and unwilling to take a risk. Especially the ones in the mainstream newspapers who seem to tip exactly the same horses in just about every race. Boring old favourite after boring old favourite to beat the 2nd boring horse in betting. Last weekend was the perfect example - check out our comments on short priced favourites like PETITS FILOUS and FOUNDRY who both got beaten. Yet many tipping services talked about them like you would be a fool not to put everything you owned on.

Do they own up when the tips are rubbish?
No excuses. No shoulda, no coulda and definitely no woulda. If the tips were rubbish - wear it and own it. It happens. We have a full range of garbage accessories for every occasion. View our Spring catalogue.

Do they win all the time?
Yes? In which case - they are lying. Those ever upwardly spiralling graphs are a sure fire give away and should raise red flags.

Is it blue?
Tick of authenticity.

Does it have a snazzy game show logo?
Tick of credibility.

Does it have a wacky cartoon caricature?
Actually - don't answer that one. It is a pre-requisite of running a tipping service to have a wacky name and logo. There is a reason the people who run tipping services chose that and not male modelling as a career.

We were one of the very first to venture into the brave world of online racing tips. We started this website back in 2000 for a bit of fun and also because we were so sick of the dodgy tipping services and their claims, the bland form comments containing no opinion what so ever, and the newspaper tipster panels with wall to wall identical tips and favourites.

So we tried to provide something different.

People seem to like it. You can tell us if you don't. We don't get offended easily.

There are a lot more options out there now and a lot of websites, Facebook pages and Twitter handles doing similar form analysis, but always ask these questions and check out what you are getting.

Oh… and tell everyone how good Turf Deli is. Cheers.

What other tricks of the trade have you seen tipping services use?

Do you ask questions and check what you are being told?

We would be keen to hear everyone's experiences? Drop us a line Facebook , Twitter or via email .


Punting Check Up

With the intense punting weeks of spring about to kick off, it is time to do a check up and make sure you are getting the most out of your punting dollar.

There are always plenty of offers flying around and you can be clever and place bets to make the most of them.

Sportsbet are offering:

Matching the value of your first bet up to $150
- New accounts (ACT, QLD, TAS, NT only)

* Residents of other states. Don't be scared away by the asterisks. Once you open an account you are eligible for all the rest of the bonuses on offer. There are always plenty of additional bonus bets going around.

Top Tote Plus
- best price out of the three TABs and Starting Price so you are always going to get better odds.

Weekly money refunds
- this week money back if your horse runs 2nd or 3rd or 4th in Races 1 to 4 on Caulfield Guineas Day.

Doubles and Multiples
- link up some dream bets for a small outlay for a bit of fun.

Power Prices
- better odds between Saturday 10am and 11am. We do much of our punting shopping in bulk through this offer.

The weekly money refund specials are especially good. It means you can just back a horse straight out to win and go for glory, with an insurance return if it gets beaten and runs a place. These are real money back offers too, not bonus bets like some agencies.

You can place all the same bets as the TAB, just get better odds and use the money back offers to make the most of your punting dollar.

Click here to open a Sportsbet account.

Last Week's Results

Great Long Weekend Getaways (and Get Outs)

It wasn't the long weekend we had hoped for on the punt, but we managed to find enough winners to avoid social media shaming for another week.

On Friday night at Moonee Valley, there were a few winners floating about, and a tasty $70 quinella, but the leader's track did throw most of our selections off.

Race 1: 3-KEEN ARRAY 1st W=$3.00 - top pick
Race 2: 5-BURNING FRONT 1st W=$5.80
Race 4: 8-RELDAS 1st W=$9.10, Quin=$70.80

On Sunday at Flemington, we did find one great value winner, but struggled for most of the day. Thankfully, we staged a lucky get out in the last, with the top pick and Best Each Way bet of the day leading all the way to save us.

Race 2: 3-ONE FOR ONE 1st W=$4.80
Race 3: 1-CHAUTAUQUA 1st W=$1.20 - top pick
Race 4: 3-AYERS ROCK 1st W=$18.80
Race 9: 11-WORTHY CAUSE 1st W=$7.00 - top pick

The Betting Portfolio got a little bit back on Friday night, but was looking set for a long over due wipe out at Flemington. Until we pulled off a lucky get out in the last race of the weekend to record the tiniest of profits.

We are still slowly sliding more and more into the red as the season progresses, so need to start turning the team around.

BEST EACH WAY: Race 9: 11-WORTHY CAUSE 1st W=$7.00

2015 Spring Campaign: 9 weeks - 3 profits - 6 returns - 0 wipe out. Net: $-98.15

You can play along with us this spring by opening a Sportsbet account and following the weekly tips and get plenty of bonus bets and better odds.

View last week's Moir Stakes 2015 results.

View last week's Turnbull Stakes 2015 results.

See how the tips and Betting Portfolio are going at the Bottom Line.

Check out the horses to follow this spring in our Black Book. Updated 08/10/2015

This Week's Free Form Guide

Caulfield - Caulfield Guineas - 10th Oct 2015


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Caulfield Guineas 2015

With detailed critical form analysis for all four Group One races.

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Cleverly Disguised Ads



If you cast your eye out onto the course in between races, you might just catch sight of the professionalism of some jockeys.

Carefully walking the track. Pounding the ground. Watching for wear and tear. Looking for the best going to ensure they give their mounts the very best chance in the next race.

Either that - or they lost their bloody car keys during the running of the previous.


Expert punters know how important it is to check out the condition of your horse in the Mounting Yard before the race.


Check that the coat goes with the season. Winter coats on warm spring race days are a total fashion faux pas.

Coats only come in black, brown, bay, chestnut and grey which is a crying shame because soft pastels are really trending this year.


If you are heading out to Caulfield this week check out our Caulfield Track Guide .

Handy hints with associated nonsense about where to meet, where to hang out and how to avoid the queues on course.

- don't get confused, the Thousand Guineas is now on the same day as the Caulfield Guineas, and the mid week meeting now features the Blue Sapphire Stakes sprint race. The mid week meeting is still a great way to enjoy Spring Carnival racing without the mad crowds.

No more chips and dim sims during feature meetings. Head down to The Paddock a street food mecca according to the MRC press release. We said "Mecca" NOT "Maccas". Barbequed meat, souvlaki, Vietnamese soups, seafood dishes and quality burgers. Sounds most tasty.

- the once a year attendees queue for the portables, or crowd into the ground floor facilities of the main grandstand. Those with some inside knowledge walk out the back of the course and towards the stables, opposite the old betting ring where the old, red brick large toilet block is clean, sturdy, and has no frustrating lines - even for the girls.

Caulfield is hip to the sounds of the new generation. Although we aren't in the slightest. Lots of DJs we have never heard of are performing on Caulfield Guineas Day both during and after the races. Sounds like a great chance to relive your best Break Dance moves.

View the full details of all that is happening at Caulfield this week.


At this time of the year, the corporate bookmakers go a little silly and start throwing around all sorts of offers.

You can use them wisely and really make the most of your punting dollar

This week's offer is fantastic.

Money back on Caulfield Races 1 to 4 if your horse runs 2nd, 3rd or 4th.

If you enjoy our free service, or had a collect by following our tips you can support us by opening an account with one of our advertisers, whilst at the same time grabbing some freebies for yourself.

You can place all the same bets as the TAB, just get better odds and better money back offers.

Click here to open a Sportsbet account.

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