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Cash back if you run 2nd, 3rd, 4th in Races 1 to 4 on Cox Plate Day.

Latest odds: Cox Plate - Melbourne Cup

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Bonus Mania

Is your head buzzing trying to keep up with all those bookmaker bonus offers swirling around in the punt-a-sphere?

10% extra.
20% extra.
30% extra.

Bonus Bet.
Cash Back 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
Cash Back First Half of the Field.

This Way Up.
Upside Down.
Fold slot A into slot B.


We are going back to the day job of professional Ikea furniture assembler.

Some of the bonuses do seem to be verging onto utter madness.

But they still can't compete with the madness of the offer that IASBET (now Sportsbet) had on Cox Plate Day in 2011. Which was money back, on the Cox Plate, up to $200 if your horse didn't win. Simple. That was it! No conditions. No risk at all. If your horse didn't win - you got your money back. Several of our followers had a totally no-risk win bet on our Best Roughie PINKER PINKER at around $31 and walked away with a great big no risk bag of money.

When the corporates first appeared from the wilderness in 2008 it totally changed the betting landscape. Suddenly the TAB had competition. Lots and lots of competition. Lots and lots of madly, shouting and gesticulating competition.

But is there such a thing as too much competition?

The competition between the large online bookmakers seems to be spiralling out of control.

Your Twitter and Facebook news feeds are probably wall to wall betting offers. It is actually starting to get rather annoying. Every year new operators pop up, others get bought out and merged and there is always someone new cutting costs and pushing offers that the others need to keep up with.

They aren't all raking in the cash.

Bet 365 has been extremely quiet this spring, after having a huge advertising budget, but have now racked up more than $100 million of losses in three years of operation in Australia (our last $5 dream multi really knocked them around). Betfair have decided to just stay out of the promotion wrestle death match all together, and remain classy and dignified. They probably can too, seeing their odds are always going to be better than the others regardless.

We need to preach the responsible gambling message here and we think it is important to not go madly rushing around opening up accounts left right and centre to get bonuses.

For starters, your funds get spread all over the place. Then it is a stupid amount of extra work to keep up with everything. But mainly there is also the temptation to bet more than you would normally, and on events you wouldn't normally bet on regardless.

A winner is much better than a bonus any day.

We try and limit the amount of advertising through Turf Deli and only push two companies, Sportsbet and Betfair. Fair enough use the bonuses on offer for the accounts you already have.

But try and avoid becoming a bonus eating zombie.

However, we need to be competitive, so we are proud to launch our own bonus offers - exclusive to Turf Deli subscribers.

Turf Deli Bonus Spring Madness Offers!

- correctly get the quaddie by taking an ridiculously wide multiple for an extremely low percentage that ends up paying the same as a backing a $5 winner AND as a bonus, we will pretend to care.

- correctly co-ordinate your tie and shirt on race day AND as a bonus, get a free international modelling contract* with the company of your choice. *Promoting Big Game hunting on social media.

- manage to get into a mounting yard shot as Channel 7 reviews the horses AND as a bonus, you get to host your own late night TV variety show*. *In North Korea tonight.

- think you are stylish enough to enter the fashion competition because you bought a suit from Target and had a haircut AND you get to wear the Clip Clop Clyde costume* at Caulfield for a full racing year. *Dry cleaning not included

- tip everyone an international horse that hasn't raced in Australia yet because someone in the racing media talked it up AND as a bonus you get a free one way trip* to the Werribee quarantine facility. *Hand luggage only.

- talk your way into the Birdcage during Cup week to hang out with D-grade soapy stars AND you get a bonus copy of TV Week* from November 2007. *Limited stock.

- successfully manage to depart Flemington still wearing your tie or shoes AND you get a bonus photo opportunity with the Bart Cummings statue on the way out.

- manage to keep up with every bonus, offered by every betting company AND you get a bonus strait jacket in your choice of colours*. *Available in beige.

- actually ever getting a collect when using one of your bonus bets - no bonus needed. You truly are a legend.


Move away from the TAB - and make the most of you Punting Dollar

If you are going to have a bet over Cup Week it is worth checking out what the bookmakers have on offer.

You can open up an account online and be up and running in a few minutes, place all the same bets as the TAB, and often getting better odds and lots of additional bonus offers.

Which means you can make your punting dollar last even longer.

Sportsbet are offering:

Matching the value of your first bet up to $150
- New accounts (ACT, QLD, TAS, NT only)

* Residents of other states. Don't be scared away by the asterisks. Once you open an account you are eligible for all the rest of the bonuses on offer. There are always plenty of additional bonus bets going around.

Top Tote Plus
- best price out of the three TABs and Starting Price so you are always going to get better odds.

Weekly money back refunds

Power Prices
- better odds between Saturday 10am and 11am. We do much of our punting shopping in bulk through this offer.

The weekly money refund specials are especially good. It means you can just back a horse straight out to win and go for glory, with an insurance return if it gets beaten and runs a place. These are real money back offers too, not bonus bets like some betting agencies.

Money back on Races 1 to 4 on Cox Plate Day if your horse finishes 2nd, 3rd or 4th .

Click here to open a Sportsbet account.

Last Week's Results

Holiday in Magnolia

It was a fantastic day of racing last week at Caulfield with a lot of talk about the call of the main race, where race caller Greg Miles was obviously not well and did a fantastic job under difficult circumstances.

Our detailed form preview was definitely worth the read. In Race 4, we not only flagged the short priced favourite Race 4: 2-AMBIENCE 3rd W=$2.70 as the Lay of the Day, we also suggested you go for two outsiders instead, including the 9-DAWNIE PERFECT 1st W=$25.70.

The Caulfield Cup form preview was close to mark, narrowing down the winning chances and knocking the chances of some of the more favoured runners.

We managed to find plenty of winners, including the longest priced winner of the day in the selections. From 10 races there was only the one winner on top, but five winners in the selections and three quinellas

Race 1: 5-ANDRIOLI 1st W=$8.40 - top pick
Race 4: 9-DAWNIE PERFECT 1st W=$25.70, Quinella=$47.80
Race 5: 13-SACRED EYE 1st W=$4.30, Quinella=$7.90
Race 7: 4-VASHKA 1st W=$7.90, Quinella=$7.70
Race 9: 6-MONGOLIAN KHAN 1st W=$4.70

Unfortunately, in the Betting Portfolio, despite taking quinellas with Race 1: 5-ANDRIOLI 1st W=$8.40, and running doubles with Race 4: 9-DAWNIE PERFECT 1st W=$25.70, we still couldn't land those bets and only got a little bit back. Most frustrating

We are starting to slide into the red this season and require some rather magical exotic dividends to get out.

2015 Spring Campaign: 12 weeks - 4 profits - 7 returns - 1 wipe out. Net: $-257.50

View last week's Caulfield Cup 2015 results.

See how the tips and Betting Portfolio are going at the Bottom Line. Updated 21/10/2015

Check out the horses to follow this spring in our Black Book. Updated 21/10/2015

This Week's Free Form Guide

Moonee Valley - Manikato Stakes - 23rd Oct 2015


Follow the link for this week's form guide: Manikato Stakes 2015

Note that this meeting is on Friday night.

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This Week's Free Form Guide

Moonee Valley - Cox Plate - 24th Oct 2015


Follow the link for this week's form guide: Cox Plate 2015

With our unique, detailed and critical form analysis for the feature race. Feature Saturday meeting.

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Cleverly Disguised Ads


Expert punters know how important it is to check out the condition of your horse in the Mounting Yard before the race.


May or may not be an issue, it depends on what area is bandaged.

Bandages can be supportive or protective.

However, in general, if your horse is on crutches then that is a really, really bad sign.


If you are heading out to Moonee Valley this week check out our Moonee Valley Track Guide

Handy hints with associated nonsense about where to meet, where to hang out and how to avoid the queues on course.


- It is perfectly OK to wear the same clothes to the Manikato Stakes on Friday night and the Cox Plate on Saturday. We won't tell if you don't.

- Stand in awe at the automated betting machines and watch the flying fingers of the TAB maestros. A true art form.

- It is not Moonee Valley anymore. That sounds like a 1960s dull shopping strip. It is The Valley. That sounds more like a hip nightclub.

Check out all the food, entertainment and action happening at The Valley this weekend.


Punting is all about listening, watching, reviewing and learning.

It is an ever continuing process. This is a really important thing to do, so you can make precisely the same mistake next week - and recognise it immediately afterwards.

Things to note from Caulfield Cup Day:

- you will never go broke backing front runners/on pacers on Caulfield feature race days (though we are not sure what happened on Caulfield Guineas Day).

- Magnolia is a vast country with an ancient history and good 2400M horses (Poor Greg Miles wasn't feeling the best).

- you actually need to have some form and be in the finish of your lead up runs to win a feature Cup.

- the longest priced runner out of the UK internationals was the one that ran the best - again! Don't believe the hype.

- if you are going to put $25 winners like 9-DAWNIE PERFECT in your tips, bloody put something on them in your Betting Portfolio.

- stewards should police the post races dance floor for bad and illegal moves as closely as they monitor the races.


We obviously get some revenue from Sportsbet which helps keep everything on Turf Deli free.

So if you enjoy what we do, or have had a win following our tips and can help us out by opening an Sportsbet account - it would be greatly appreciated.

If you are going to have a bet over Cup Week it is worth checking out what the bookmakers have on offer.

You can open up an Sportsbet account online and be up and running in a few minutes, place all the same bets as the TAB, and often getting better odds and lots of additional bonus offers.

Sportsbet are offering money back again this week on Cox Plate Day from Race 1 to 4 if your horse runs 2nd, 3rd or 4th

Click here to open a Sportsbet account.

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