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Battle of the Super Screens

Bigger is better.

Biggest is better than bigger.

Super is even better than biggest.

The Melbourne Racing Club this year installed the new Super Screen on course, and boy is it super.

It is the biggest High Definition Super Screen anywhere in Australia.

Yeah we know the one at the neighbours up the road looks big, but believe us - this is bigger.

The image size is 38.4 metres wide and 8.4 metres tall.

Not inches. Not centimetres. Metres.

The sales man at The Good Guys sure did a good job of convincing the Melbourne Racing Club of the need to upsize.

And you should see the size of the remote control! But at least you can never lose it.

If you thought the competition for the best home entertainment system in the neighbourhood was ferocious, well that is nothing compared to the Big League – or the Super Screen League.

Just a few years back Moonee Valley installed their own Super Screen, which is now only Mildly Super. It looks so tiny now - just a wee little 27 x 5.8 metres. How did anyone ever watch a screen so small?

The Caulfield Super Screen can show betting odds, races and other events and information. The screen can be split into half to show two different sets of footage at once. On race day you get the head on AND the side on view live during the race - at the same time! Which is fantastic for punters.

Like all new TVs it is also a Smart TV and internet ready, meaning you can browse YouTube for funny cat videos and use iView to catch up on old episodes of Antiques Roadshow in between races.

There is also the option to show major sporting events and movies outside of race days. All they need to do is add the popcorn. The MRC are just waiting on the arrival of the giant sized Super Popcorn machine to go with it.

They can also display these bizarre Japanese style game show graphics comparing horses, jockeys and trainers before the races (see photo). A game of Donkey Kong will never look the same again.

With the latest in high definition technology giving a crystal clear picture, with realistic tones and colours, it is almost like you are really there in the thick of the action and really at the races…


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With the intense punting weeks of spring about to kick off, it is time to do a check up and make sure you are getting the most out of your punting dollar.

There are always plenty of offers flying around and you can be clever and place bets to make the most of them.

Sportsbet are offering:

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* Residents of other states. Don't be scared away by the asterisks. Once you open an account you are eligible for all the rest of the bonuses on offer. There are always plenty of additional bonus bets going around.

Top Tote Plus
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Weekly money back refunds

Power Prices
- better odds between Saturday 10am and 11am. We do much of our punting shopping in bulk through this offer.

The weekly money refund specials are especially good. It means you can just back a horse straight out to win and go for glory, with an insurance return if it gets beaten and runs a place. These are real money back offers too, not bonus bets like some betting agencies.

For example, last weekend Sportsbet offered money back on Races 1 to 4 if you horse finished 2nd, 3rd or 4th.

And in Race 2 there were only 6 runners! That meant you could pick a horse (and one at good odds if you wanted) and have a very low risk bet and hope for an upset and a big collect.

They are doing it again this week!

Money back on Races 1 to 4 on Caulfield Cup Day if your horse finishes 2nd, 3rd or 4th .

You can also place all the same bets as the TAB, just get better odds and use the money back offers to make the most of your punting dollar.

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Last Week's Results

Mid Week Redemptions

The poor Caulfield mid week meeting in between the feature Saturdays continues to become more of a non event every year.

This year it was almost more sensible to actually go to work - than to go to the races. And that is just NOT ON.

Fortunately, we livened things up. Although it was small fields, it looks darn good in hindsight when you go tipping winners all over the place.

From 8 races today, we lost several runners and bets to scratchings, but we still managed to find 4 winners on top, and 7 out of the 8 winners in the selections. Including the last 3 winners as top picks.

Race 1: 2-MR INDIVIDUAL 1st W=$2.20 - top pick
Race 2: 5-SECRET TOY BIZNESS 1st W=$5.00
Race 4: 6-FOUR CARAT 1st W=$11.60
Race 5: 2-HE OR SHE 1st W=$4.20
Race 6: 4-KEEN ARRAY 1st W=$2.20 - top pick
Race 7: 1-MISS ROSE DE LAGO 1st W=$3.40 - top pick
Race 8: 3-FAST'N'ROCKING 1st W=$5.20, Quin =17.80 - top pick

Quad = $199.50

We managed to squeeze the smallest of profits in the $50 Betting Portfolio (60 whole cents), despite losing quite a few of our bets to scratchings. And we were a bit stiff not to pick up another value quinella or two with some 1sts and close 3rds.

BEST WIN: Race 7: 1-MISS ROSE DE LAGO 1st W=$3.40

2015 Spring Campaign: 11 weeks - 4 profits - 6 returns - 1 wipe out. Net: $-191.65

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Caulfield - Caulfield Cup - 17th Oct 2015


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Cleverly Disguised Ads


Expert punters know how important it is to check out the condition of your horse in the Mounting Yard before the race.


Look for alert eyes that look at you and say “Back Me - Trust Me - Believe In Me” in a deeply hypnotic manner.

The horse's ears should be pricked up and listening attentively to every word of what people are saying about them, so they can respond with a witty Twitter rebuttal

(all horses have their own Twitter accounts these days)

- "I so do not look fat, how dare you!"
- "No, I had no choice in the jockey’s colours and yes they do look ridiculous"
- "Why is this camera following me around for? When you will guys from A Current Affair ever give up?

The head is also vitally important in a horse’s conformation as it lets you know which end is the front. You want this end to go forwards when the race starts.

(with brief glimpses of the horses).

This was the view from the public lawn at Caulfield last Saturday on Caulfield Guineas Day.

Access to stand next to the Mounting Yard and watch the horses parade before a race had been removed due to the placement of the Channel 7 telecast booth, and the post race presentation area.

This meant that the public could only stand at best about 10 metres away, behind the second set of white fences for a brief glimpse from the lawn, or squeeze into a narrow platform space near the grandstand that wasn't much better, just as far away and only a few metres wide.

The MRC have done a great job in so many other areas. The new Super Screen is fantastic, there is a huge variety of food available, and the new bars and decks are buzzing with activity.

But some people do actually go to the races for the horses!

People in the public area simply won't be able to see the horses parade before the Caulfield Cup.

And they won't be able to see the Caulfield Cup winner being led back in with the view totally blocked out.

Isn't that supposed to be the point of the whole day?


If you are heading out to Caulfield this week check out our Caulfield Track Guide .

Handy hints with associated nonsense about where to meet, where to hang out and how to avoid the queues on course.

No more chips and dim sims during feature meetings. Head down to The Paddock a street food mecca according to the MRC press release. We said "Mecca" NOT "Maccas". Barbequed meat, souvlaki, Vietnamese soups, seafood dishes and quality burgers. Sounds most tasty.

- the once a year attendees queue for the portables, or crowd into the ground floor facilities of the main grandstand. Those with some inside knowledge walk out the back of the course and towards the stables, opposite the old betting ring where the old, red brick large toilet block is clean, sturdy, and has no frustrating lines - even for the girls.

Caulfield is hip to the sounds of the new generation. Although we aren't in the slightest. Lots of DJs we have never heard of are performing on Caulfield Cup Day both during and after the races. Sounds like a great chance to relive your best Break Dance moves.

View the full details of all that is happening at Caulfield this week.


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You can use them wisely and really make the most of your punting dollar

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Money back on Caulfield Races 1 to 4 if your horse runs 2nd, 3rd or 4th.

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